Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

You loved me past peace to pieces.

Shattered me, your heavy-handedness unceasing.

You punish, persecute without reason.

I bloom for you and wither in the same season.

I dream of freedom, but can’t seem to leave him.

I cry to leave him but can’t imagine freedom.

I love so hard, I’ve loved to pieces.

My heart is shattered, my soul charged with treason.



Photo by Kingsley Osei-Abrah on Unsplash

I wonder:

What is it like to be carried?

To be truly held?

To be loved by choice

And not by one compelled?

Have you been cherished?

Oh, do please tell!

I’ve often been promised heaven

Yet, still find my home in hell.



Anessah Barker

Anessah Barker


Both a keeper and a weeper. A writer, a wife, a mother, and a life long scholar. BA English Literature(2013), M.LIS(2018), current MSW student. She/Her/Hers